Welcome to my site, the repository for posts or topics that don’t really fit into my usual animation-related haunts (The World’s Finest, Toon Zone, and The Animated Batman). As the site’s title suggests, a good meal includes good company. Most of us know the story of the Feeding of the Multitudes, to bring what you have—maybe it will surprise you and multiply “exceedingly, yea, exceedingly.”

There isn’t a comments section at present. Don’t look for regular updates or a unifying theme; supper is served when I have something to bring to the table, and the time and inclination to prepare it.

To my colleague The General Secretary who encouraged my efforts and designed this site, I am deeply grateful.

—The Old Maid
October 29, 2005

Update: "Wertham's Ghost" revised April 2006

Update: "Potluck" on potlucks added April 2006 (cookbooks added summer 2006)

Update: L.B. Volume 1 spoilers/book discussion added November 2006

Update: L.B. Volume 2 spoilers/book discussion added February 2007

Update: L.B. Volume 11 spoilers/book discussion added April 2007

Update: L.B. Volume 16-called-13 spoilers/book discussion added August 2007

Update: Book review, Soon I will be invincible! added November 2007

Update: Book review, Mom's Cancer added November 2008

Update: "On world-building and Things Go Boom" added June 2009

Update: "Arda of the Hobbits" added June 3, 2009

Update: On July 14, 2009 "Arda of the Hobbits" was accepted for reprint publication by Silver Leaves, a publication of the The White Tree Fund.

Psa. 19:14


Left Behind
1. Introduction

2. Meet our five critics

3. A history of denominations

4. Eschatological terms (a)

5. Eschatological terms (b)

6. Behavioral-school terms

7. Interdenominational groupings & commonalities

8. Translation of key verses (a)

9. Translation of key verses (b)

10. Applied theology: Collective book review (a)

11. Applied theology: Collective book review (b)

12. A Side Trek (a)

13. Still Trekkin' (b)

14. Trek's end (c)

15. Applied theology II (a): The love

16. Applied theology II (b): The land

17. Applied theology II (c): The life

18. Applied theology II (d): The future

19. And now for a word from the historicists

20. Does it matter?

21. Bonus: Volume 1 spoilers & discussion questions

22. Bonus: Volume 2 spoilers

23. Bonus: Volume 2 discussion questions

24. Bonus: Volume 11 spoilers

25. Bonus: Volume 11 discussion questions

26. Bonus: Volume 16-called-13 (Kingdom Come) spoilers

27. Bonus: Volume 16-called-13 (Kingdom Come) discussion

28. Series spoilers & discussion (under construction, someday)

Wertham's Ghost
1. View

2. Dialup-friendly version (text only)

"Potluck" on potlucks
1. Quick themes (with cookbooks and good sites)

2. How to organize a church fundraiser dinner

Miscellaneous scribblings
1. Book review #1: Soon I will be invincible!

2. Book review #2: Mom's Cancer, by Brian Fies

3. NEW! On world-building and Things Go Boom

4. NEW! Arda of the Hobbits, part 1 of 2

5. NEW! Arda of the Hobbits, part 2 of 2

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